A better first chapter

Right on cue, one of the best online novel teachers (is that a thing?) Posted how to write a masterful first chapter. It’s hard to do, but I think I can pull it off. I need patience, but still have to get to the point. No backstory this time. I know that’s where I lost everyone last Friday when I read.

I meet with my peer feedback group on Monday. We’re talking about expanding by one or two people, so if we do, maybe I’ll just start submitting from a new novel. (Yes Claire, it would be Around the Block II which would have a better title.) I don’t know how my group would know what’s going on since they won’t read the original, but I guess I could explain it or give them the synopsis.

My wife has been using the office every night to do her online classes. It’s fine, but I’ve used it as an excuse to slack. I bring this laptop home most nights and I can write in the basement, but it’s not the same. I don’t have a desk (just the bar, and well…).

So now I just have to set aside a time to rewrite this first chapter. I think if I can write it well it’ll motivate me to keep going, and perhaps keep it in this flash fiction style of always ending on a cliff-hanger like my story “Him, Again” did well enough.

And hey, a third copy of Around the Block sold yesterday! It was an e-book, but still, that’s 3 out of nowhere! I suspect they’re all somehow related.


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