Curing “Bleeding Heart Syndrome”

I found this blog hit home for me. My bleeding heart syndrome has done nothing but cause me trouble, especially this year. But what am I supposed to tell you kids? I don’t care? I say and do what I think is best and sometimes it isn’t enough or a student disagrees so I get thrown under the bus for it. You go beyond your job requirements and put your job at risk…irony.

I’ve had a few talks with other teachers about avoiding burnout, but these teachers don’t necessarily have the best reputation as far as actual teaching. Who’s to say what’s best though?

I’ve gotten better over the last year. I took my work email off my phone. I’ve made it clear that I can’t be expected to read it until I come to work the next morning. I’ve locked my door until 8:10 in the morning. I put everything away and watch my chess YouTube videos during lunch (shut up, I like it!). And Ms. Curtis, my co-teacher 1st and 2nd hour is modeling how to tell a student “no” much better than I normally do. I’m getting better. There have been semesters where I had to not read blogs at night because I was getting too concerned about students before bed.

Anyway, here’s what I needed to read…


You can still have a heart for teaching without letting it bleed out. Here’s how to tell if you have “bleeding heart syndrome” — and what to do about it.

via Curing “Bleeding Heart Syndrome” —


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