Stupid Sports

Well, my Buckeyes got rolled last night.  Now, do I really want to spend $500 driving up to Nebraska to see them next month with my nephew?  Sure, it would be a good time, but gees.  They just sucked last night.  And last week for the most part.  They’re good 1 out of every 8 quarters, kinda like my Pac-Man game back in the day.

I had a bunch of things to do today, and now I can’t remember them.  Pickleball match obviously.  I should write my synopsis.  My wife’s birthday is Wednesday, so I could prep a little more for that, although the big gift is taking her to Vegas next month.  I need to hit a bucket of balls because I might get to golf at Old Hickory Thursday afternoon.

Tomorrow’s lesson is kinda fun.  We gotta talk character and I’ve got some great tools for that that I found last year.

Wow, as I type this, my old buddy is talking trash on pickleball.  Scheduled to play at 11:00.  Wish me luck.


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