First Draft of a Query Letter

A query letter is what you send out to editors/agents to get your book noticed.  It’s like a cover letter for a job.  You also have to write a 1-page synopsis of your book which serves like a resume (I haven’t done that part yet).  They take weeks/months to perfect, so this is just a first draft.  I’m going to send it to for feedback (I think that’s the address).  So, if you were an agent, would you be sold on this?  : )

Dear Ms. Bookend,

Mark Lender thinks he’s ready for his first relationship, but the two girls in his small town high school who take interest are well beyond what he can handle.

In Stalking Mark, a 58,000-word stand-alone YA novel, I pursue the struggles of 17-year-old Mark Lender, who is openly desired by the craziest girl in school to the point that the rest of his peers take notice. This includes attention, and eventually his first taste of affection, from the school’s all-state flame-throwing softball pitcher who dwarf’s Mark not just in height, but also sexual experience. The guilt of Mark’s potential loss of innocence weighs on him even heavier while he worries what his deceased mother must think. The novel explores the multiple conflicts presented by the social pressures of high school, as well as the surprises that love brings to a newcomer in the dating game.

I have previously self-published three books, including one nonfiction titled Don’t Wear Shorts on Stage in 2012 which has sold over 2,200 copies via my career of 17 years in stand-up comedy. Along with occasional performances, I am currently in my seventh year of teaching high school language arts. Attached you will find a one-page synopsis.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.



Rob Durham


One thought on “First Draft of a Query Letter

  1. Or is this a better first sentence?
    In a rural high school, Mark’s choices for a girlfriend are limited, but when one girl takes interest, another follows, leading to more than his inexperienced heart can handle.


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