Wednesday Fun Facts!

Went to UMSL tonight to meet with a bunch of teachers who have also done that writing institute thing I did in June.  I got some cool new ideas that we’ll be trying as early as Friday.  I think they’ll help you figure out what to write your short story about too.  So simple too.  I had no idea what the event was about tonight, but I wanted to see my friends/classmates from June and there was free Mexican food, win-win.  (Note: As you longtime readers know, I don’t have a lot of friends in St. Louis.  They’re all back in Ohio, etc.)  Anyway, I’m in a book club for a book about improving teaching writing.

In other news (and disclaimer, this is about religion, so cut out here if you’d like), one of my Facebook friends (not a close friend by any means, actually the wife of an old teammate in high school), posted the Bible verse about the end of the world.  Basically, Jesus returns and takes everyone who’s on board, and then the rest of the world dies I guess?  Interpret the Rapture as you will.  Anyway, people are commenting saying things like, “I can’t wait for this!”  and  “I pray for this very often!”  Really?  The end of the world?  Don’t you wanna like, I dunno, watch your kids grow up?  According to faith of this verse, that lasts for eternity.  So…what’s the rush? And it’s not that their life is rough, they’re just bothered by what’s going on in the world.  “Oh no, people are different than us!  Good thing we live in the cocoon known as Bellville, Ohio!”


Every Wednesday morning I have to work the writing center, part of the job is to send every language arts teacher the email of who’s booked in the writing center every day.  I always include Wednesday Fun Facts in my email, just to be stupid.  Today I attached these:

*The space that is now the writing center originally opened as a AAA office for distributing maps in 1926.
*During prohibition the small office and the first restroom served as speakeasies.  The password was Mustang, thus giving Marquette its mascot decades later.
*The second restroom has always been a restroom, and was officially declared haunted in 1956 when Paul Fink, the owner of the speakeasy, passed away (but didn’t leave).
*In 1988 the writing center replaced all 40 typewriters with Apple 2E’s.
*During the 1993-94 school year the writing center housed a Street Fighter II arcade game which raised thousands of dollars in quarters and allowed the school to upgrade the computers to IBM 486’s. Sadly, the machine was stolen that summer and never replaced.



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