Good News

I got a new joke to work tonight at open mic.  Finally.  I mean, it got a huge laugh so I’m ready to put it in my real show whenever that happens to be (October?).

I sent a 2,000 sample to to see what kind of feedback they can provide.  I’m close to just dropping the $70 and having them judge it by theme and give me feedback that way.  I should know if there’s anything major I need to change before working on grammatical editing anymore.

I was going to sleep in a little tomorrow morning (6:30), but then I remembered I have writing center duty at 7:20 so that won’t fly.  Ahh well, it was a good thought.

Tomorrow we’ll read at least 2 short stories and see what works and what doesn’t while applying the stuff I’ve taught you this last week or so.  Start thinking of short story ideas, but don’t overthink.  You may get something out of the scene you’re writing if you veered from the stuff I gave you.  I think I can educate you more on what NOT to write vs. what to write.   Some students in the past listened, some didn’t.

So I have a new stalker.  She attends open mic (let’s not label her a comedian).  I tried to help her a few weeks ago.  I think I wrote about it even.  She has an impediment and she doesn’t address it on stage.  I give feedback one time and if you don’t listen, I’m not wasting my time the following week.  Last week she kept interrupting the conversation I was in to tell me about something so boring I don’t remember.  Tonight I was facing my pal Scott and he was telling me about a concert.  She sat on bar stool to my right, bumped into me twice, tugged on my shirt, and breathed on me.  Gross, right?  Then she babbled to the bartender while she was pretty much in my ear.  I put up with it for a few minutes and then mouthed to Scott, “I have to go.  I can’t take this another week.”  He was confused for a second and then finally figured it out.  My poor bartender friend was left to hear her sob story about being poor and not having a good phone, and not being able to Uber, and having to wait on her ride, and other stuff that no one wants to hear about.

So I escaped.  For this week anyway.  With a new joke about how people are way too excited about Yeti mugs.

Be sure you keep start blogging.  You should have, what, at least 3 by now of about 250 words each.



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