Writing Cool Down

I won my first match rather easily.  2 bratwursts and a bunch of other stuff later, Old Man Paul wanted a rematch.  I won the first game (best of three) easily again, but then he changed strategy.  He stopped trying to do anything except hit it back to me.  This made me the aggressor and I’m not sharp enough to do that just yet. And I lost.  We’re playing again tomorrow at noon when it’s going to be much hotter.  That’ll help me out.  Hopefully my back holds out.

Beth and I watched Southpaw on Netflix tonight.  Fairly typical boxing movie, but we like those.  It was easy to identify the plot points (I’ll show you those and Act I, II, and III later this semester).  We’ve been taking it easy this weekend.  No going out really, just relaxing.  We played Monopoly to a stalemate Friday night (did I already write about that?).

Texas A&M blew a 44-10 lead in the second half.  Ha!

As you’ve noticed, I’m a big fan of Iron & Wine.  I ordered their CD for Beth’s birthday.  I’e been listening to this song all weekend.  I like the piano at the end, and the guitar at the beginning.


I finished going through my draft.  Technically it’s like the 7th draft.  Next week I’ll print it out and then I have to go through and draw a line where each scene starts and stops.  From there I have to make sure each scene ends in a way that makes the reader want to continue reading.  It can’t be 45 different cliffhangers because that would get annoying, but there are 8 or 9 different methods to a ending a scene and keeping it interesting.

I thought the lesson would tell me a little more on how to start my book, but it just said to avoid weather descriptions.  I’m not sure if I quite violated that rule or not.  You guys can be the judge.  Are you hooked?  When do you put it down?  I joked the other day about the only reason I teach, and teach creative writing is so that I can live out my dream as a coffee house type of DJ.  Well, the other motive is to have a test market for these books I’m trying to pump out.

I should go to bed now.


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